Premises and outdoor territories cleaning services

SIA Concord Service Group offers daily and special cleaning services of premises and outdoor territories at sites of various degrees of complexity and different functionality. A special mobile time performs thorough and specific cleaning tasks. We provide our services in the whole territory of Latvia, during the whole year.

We offer tailor made cleaning solutions and cleaning plans according to your wishes and possibilities  in order to achieve the desired results at an optimal price.

Our personnel has received professional training and are experienced in performing cleaning works of varying complexity. They regularly update their know-how based on the industry trends. There are 400 knowledgeable cleaning service professionals in our team.

Taking care for the welfare and property of its customers and employees, SIA “Concord Service Group” provides accident insurance for its personnel and  also insurance for cases when an accident happens or property is damaged due to the fault of our employees in the premises or territory of our cooperation partners.

For the purpose of ensuring permanent high quality at the sites where we perform cleaning of premises and territories we perform regular quality control inspections in compliance with the company internal high quality standards and, upon the Customer’s wish, also in compliance with INSTA 800 quality inspection standards.

Our services conform with the top quality standards and requirements which is attested by ISO 9001; ISO 14001; ISO 45001:2018 certificates.

Premises cleaning

  • Cleaning of office premises;
  • Cleaning of company premises;
  • Cleaning of shop premises;
  • Cleaning of trade centers;
  • Cleaning of museums;
  • Cleaning of schools and kindergartens;
  • Cleaning of cinemas;
  • Cleaning of residences;
  • Cleaning of production premises;
  • Cleaning of sports halls and centers;
  • Cleaning of hotels;
  • Cleaning of car dealerships and service workshops;
  • Cleaning of logistics centers and warehouse premises.

Thorough cleaning works

  • Washing of windows and glass facades;
  • Washing of glass roofs;
  • Dry-cleaning of soft flooring;
  • Waxing of linoleum and PVC floors;
  • Polishing of linoleum and PVC floors;
  • Waxing of parquet floors;
  • Polishing of concrete flooring;
  • Dry-cleaning of textile furniture;
  • Cleaning of leather furniture;
  • Thorough cleaning of premises following capital repair;
  • Complex thorough cleaning of buildings and premises;
  • Thorough cleaning of production facilities;
  • Disinfection of premises and territories.

Territories cleaning and landscaping:

  • Daily cleaning and maintenance of outdoor territories;
  • Seasonal territory maintenance services (mechanical and manual lawn mowing/ mechanical and manual snow cleaning/ removal of collected snow);
  • Cleaning of roofs – snow, cleaning of rainwater collection systems;
  • Improvement of outdoor territories, removal of weed and moss;
  • Taking care of greenery, gardening services;
  • Lawn aeration.

Waste management

  • Solving of matters related to the collection, disposal, sorting, utilization of household and sortable waste.

Hygiene devices and materials:

  • According to the Customer’s request – WC paper, paper towels, paper napkins, liquid soap and foaming soap, hand disinfection products and their dispensers, as well as air fresheners, disposable gloves, etc.

We take care of premises and territories cleaning at more than 200 sites.

Our services are used or were used by well-known companies with high demands, like VAS State Real Estate – the premises of the Ministry of Interior, State Police and Border Guard, BEREC, the museum Riga Stock Exchange. Office of the Latvian Ombudsman, State Probation Service and other premises and territories, military sites of the state defense, the Bank of Latvia, the Corruption Prevention Bureau KNAB, TC Origo, TC Dole, TC Aleja, TC Alfa, TC Tobago, TC Domina, Rimi Latvia (supermarket chain), Forum Cinemas, Cinamon, H&M chain, Maxima Logistics Centre ‘’Abras”, BLS and Sanitex logistics centers, Lidl Latvia, PNB Print, Trialto, Alojas Biroji, and Alojas Kvartāls, Mercedes car dealership „Domenikss”, Liepāja Olympic Centre, Skuba Latvia, King’s College, Canada Army, Sanitex Cash & Carry, Dominante park, CrossChem, USA Embassy, Fazer Latvia production facilities, Rīgas Nami and many other private, municipal and public companies.

We provide cleaning services in well-known companies, like Electrolux Latvia, RIMI Latvia supermarket chain – 11 stores, TP „Alfa“ and TC „Origo“, T/C Domina, T/C Dole, TC „Olympia“, Law Office „Borenius“, Mercedes car dealership „Domenikss”, BLS warehouses, Maxima warehouses, Rīgas Nami, as well as continue the successful cooperation with other private, municipal and public companies and banks.

SIA Concord, as a member of LNPAA, participates in the development of the Latvian professional cleaning industry and the arrangement of the business environment. By promoting the professional training of employees, introducing the latest technologies, and offering customer-oriented service and pricing policy, the company meets the highest standards set by the association.

We will be glad to provide more details about cleaning options. You are welcome to contact us at:;
Tel. 28321339