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The company Concord Service Group provides full range of building administration and management services, professional cleaning of premises and territories, catering and meal delivery services according to the top quality standards which is attested by ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015; ISO 45001:2018; ISO 50001:2018 certificates.

Based on our know-how and experience, we will offer tailor made solutions compliant with your wishes, needs and possibilities in order to achieve the desired results at an optimal price.

SIA Concord Service Group details:

SIA Concord Service Group
Reg. address Izstazu str., Valdlauci, Kekava municipality, Kekava region,LV-1076, Latvia
Registration No.: 4000 33 75 103
VAT Payer’s No.: LV 40003375103

Office address: Izstazu str., Valdlauci, Kekava municipality, Kekava region,LV-1076, Latvia
Tel. +3 71 67 28 94 15

Office hours:
Business days 8:00-17:00

Social initiative

One of the company’s goal is to take initiative and actively participate in social activities.
We are happy and proud to participate in Latvia’s Dr. Klauns social project already for the second time.

What is Dr. Klauns about?

Create a friendly environment for children in medical institutions. In collaboration with staff, help children and their parents overcome psychological and social difficulties, reduce stress and speed up recovery. We want the Dr. Clown to be able to help every child in difficult situations.

Creation and development of the medical clowning movement in Latvia. (Edited)Restore original.


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